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Looking for the best Hartford health insurance plan? Here is a quick primer on finding cheap Hartford health insurance with coverage that is both comprehensive and there for you when you need it.

Hartford, Connecticut is the city capital of the state and located in Hartford County right on the Connecticut River. Interestingly, Hartford health insurance is such a major part of the citizens’ lives that the state has been nicknamed the “Insurance Capital of the World.”  This is because Hartford health insurance is the major industry of the region, not to mention the fact that some of the world’s largest providers are based in the city.

There are an estimated 121,578 people in the city. According to a census taken a few years ago, of those 121,000 there are nearly 45,000 households and 27,171 families. This is one of the rare cities in the U.S. that is not currently dominated by Caucasians in terms of populace; whites make up 27.72% of the total population, while African-Americans make up 38.05.  Hispanics (Latinos or Puerto Ricans) make up the majority, at 40.52%.

What Matters in Hartford Health Insurance

Family is obviously important in this city, and of the 44,000 households nearby 35% have children under the age of 18.  The average household size is 2.58 people per household, while the average family size was 3.33.  So while Hartford is not exactly known for its large populace of children, especially when compared to other states, it is known for its diversity and close-knit families.  30.1% of the population is under the age of 18, while 29.8% are ages 25 to 44.  Hartford has been called a “young city.”

With almost 30% of the population under the poverty line, obviously health care is a very important issue. The median income for a household in the city is $24,820, which is relatively low, when compared to other New England territories. With an abundance of youth population, obviously the welfare of children is a key issue, especially in light of the controversial issue of universal health care.

Local Issues to Consider in Choosing a Hartford Health Insurance Plan

One of the most significant items to come out of Hartford, Connecticut is the recent announcement that Health Services ran out of swine flu vaccinations. The administration has since concentrated on an educational campaign to help students avoid exposure to the deadly flu virus.  Another issue coming up on school grounds, specifically, Conard High School, has been that of the “choking game” which involves students playing a dangerous game of intentionally choking one another until unconsciousness results, leading to a sustained “high.”  Both of these news items concern health insurance, because both could require emergency medical care.

Obviously there is much to think about in terms of healthcare in Hartford, Connecticut.  With rising problems in school and in the workplace, it is no wonder that administrative offices in the city are giving special attention to local programs designed to help poor or underprivileged residents.

For example, there is the Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association. This plan is designed as an option for people who have pre-existing conditions that have led to denial of other coverage. One of the major healthcare issues in the country!  The Connecticut HUSKY Plan (the state Children's Health Insurance Program) is another provision, for those under age 19 whose families fall into the income guidelines.

Hartford Health Insurance: Among the Best in the U.S.

In addition, there are many, many health insurance companies offering private healthcare, considering the fact that the city is the insurance capital of the world. One of the most contentious issues in healthcare right now is the subject of universal healthcare. Some of the top healthcare providers in Connecticut have a loyal following of patients who are very fond of their network of physicians and their policies and don’t want a change. In fact, for the year 2007 the Commonwealth Fund Organization released survey results declaring Connecticut the 7th best state in the whole country in terms of quality healthcare.

This should give confidence to Connecticut residents that Hartford health insurance is worth the investment, and that you can find good coverage if you look for it. Many doctors and clinics will not see patients that do not have any insurance. Until the day that universal health care exists in this country, it’s important that you start searching for an affordable policy that will deliver top-quality coverage, the likes of which received national Top 10 mention.

Remember that even if you have a preexisting condition, you can still work with the Hartford health insurance provider for a reasonable compromise. Use our online Hartford health insurance quote comparison tool and find a provider that meets your selection criteria.  Think about your own health, and more importantly, the welfare of your family!

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